My son

I started this blog because I’m a very hard-working 30-year-old and one of my biggest concerns in my life is trying to pass down my beliefs and wisdom to my amazing son.  I’m not foolish to think that he is just going to do what I say and not make mistakes in life. But what I’m trying to do is leave him with something just incase our time is cut short. You see that’s already happened a little bit since I am in the process of getting divorced. At the same time, it has been awake up call for me because I can honestly say I took my amazing kid for granted. It’s awful to say but it’s the truth and there are so many topics to touch on each deserving it own individual post. But today I want to stress to my son is don’t be ashamed of your choice’s in life and don’t ever feel like you need to hide who you are and what you have done. People my tell you differently those people aren’t ones that truly care about you. If you do something that makes you happy and doesn’t hurt others than I say do it. You are the only one that has to live this life so live it the way you want.  One thing that goes with this is don’t ever feel like you need to have an defend or make excuse’s for your action.  You are going to do things that aren’t always right or that you may later regret but if you do those things with good intention or because you felt like they were necessary then there really is no excuse.  On that point if you are about to do something and already have an excuse then it’s not something you probably shouldn’t be doing.   I’m sure you my have question about many things and I will do everything I can to have these conversation with you face to face and of course im hoping that when you need guidance you come to me just like I did I went to my father and grandfather.  You see son we are in a long line of great men and im sure you are one day going to question if you’re a great man it’s hard to know because those great men before you set the bar really high, hopefully you feel the same way about me.  Son if your reading this I love you and I hope that we are reading this togther right now.


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