Step parent

I’m in a very weird situation but so im kind of looking for feed back on this topic.  First the me give you my back ground and beliefs behind this topic.  As per and older post I’m a father and also i step father but not really if that makes sense.  My soon to be ex-wife had a daughter before we got married when her Daughter was a very young age.  So im the only father she has ever been around well this divorce is messy and there is some circumstance that I don’t really want to get in to but lets say we really aren’t on good terms.  Me and this ex-wife also have a kid together now, so where in a custody battle over our son and during this I tried to get some kind of rights for my daughter just to be told by the judge she isn’t your daughter.  You have no rights to her as much as that hurt I have come to accept it.  So now I have a new woman in my life im sure one day I will blog about her but for now I will stay on topic.  This woman is obviously someone I want around my child and even though she has seen the pain I have been in from losing my daughter she is still ready to commit to being a loving mother figure in his life because we do plan on having kids together.  Now obviously whether it be jealous or what not the ex hates this and talks about being replaced.  My thing is all I care about is my son having as many loving people around him as possible.  Now I can understand her being a little jealous of the fact that there is going to be another mother figure in his life but it should be about are son not her.  Good step parents that really treat your kids like their kids are amazing people.  To me anyway I mean I was one of those people I love that little girl as if she was my own and also thought of her as if she was.  After writing this I really don’t have a question at all as a parent you need to surround your kid with as many loving and caring people as you can cause this world is a harsh place and myself and my ex-wife should really apperciate any one thats willling to love your kids as there own.


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